Muse of randomness (itspaula) wrote,
Muse of randomness

It's that time again...


In very related news, I might be spending a month in England this summer.

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England is tasty?
I'll write you letters.

In other news, I need to call you. Communal ranting will occur.
...I don't HAVE your cell number.
You must call me.
You texted me like a week ago! Who were you trying to text, and how did you succeed in texting me?
oh, that IS your cellphone number? When I text, it just has me select your name, but when i call i have to select a number, and i LOOKED at that number and thought, "...this is so her home phone. ive been texting her home phone. her mother must be very confused..."

so apparently I DO have your number. Sweeeet.
England? Hell yes! That sounds great. What would you being doing there (besides having a good time)?
Researching my BA, apparently. I accidentally got myself a BA adviser, and apparently her thing is getting people to go abroad before their senior year to do research. It's pretty exciting, to be sure, and I'm glad that she's so enthusiastic, but all of the grants were due within a week or so of our first meeting--that's not a lot of time to design a whole BA and propose research for it. accidently got a BA adviser? This one sounds awesome. Research abroad would be very exciting. So, have you made these deadlines or are they still upcoming?