Muse of randomness (itspaula) wrote,
Muse of randomness

Irn Bru

Hello Livejournal. It's four in the morning, my time. I know that means I shouldn't be writing, but it's been a weird night.

I've cried, been angry at a host of different people, and generally am having a difficult time formulating the correct responses to social and emotional stimuli.

The past several weeks, for various reasons, have been weeks of suppressed emotion. The future is scary enough, and nostalgia is just plain out of the question.

Really, the crux of the matter is: I shouldn't get hopped up on Scottish "cream soda on crack" sugar-coma-in-a-bottle beverages, and then stay up until 4AM prodding dragons.

Also, I miss the days when I had internet communities of a handful of people, not the whole crazy world. Hence my return to livejournal. I figure I'll err on the side of no one.
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