Muse of randomness (itspaula) wrote,
Muse of randomness

LJ Post? Oh yes, this is happening.

So last night, I had one of my worst ideas.
"How about, when I go to London, I write letters to all of my friends, real open and honest letters, in which I tell them why they are important to me, and what I feel I need to work on in our relationship, and what I see as the strongest and weakest points in both of us!? This sounds like a great idea!"

Since when have I wanted to write long, deep, explanatory letters? Not for a long time.

And why am I getting less sleep over a weekend at home than I have been getting all quarter at school? These are questions in my life.
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In my defense, I DID say you should check LJ more often.

Also, I think it's a splendiferous idea, only you shuld be very very abstract about it, IE, "I love you like I love spinach!" or somesuch.

BTW, I will be SORELY put out if you don't at least send me one letter!
I second Cat. Long rambling Paula letter explaining our relationship? Wonderful idea if gone about in the correct manner.

Also, I will hunt you down and torture you in previously unknown ways f I do not receive a letter.