Muse of randomness (itspaula) wrote,
Muse of randomness

Photographs and the Joys of Retrospection

The world which pictures reflect is amazing.
For example, my former RA just posted an entire album of pictures on Facebook which comprise unhappy moments in my life. Dance Marathon, for example, or that time when my boyfriend went camping with his harem. Those were especially nice, as I'd only ever had my imagination for fodder before, which gets dimmer without bolstering evidence.
Yay for pictures! Remember how happy we were?!?
The funny thing, though, is that I will eventually see such pictures and assume that the times which they represent were truly as happy as the moments depicted.
Update on Operation Alpha Midnight: No Update.

Also, this week remains amazing, although today's 5 hour driving adventure strained my patience. Only serves to assure me more that I could never go back to dating my lovely young Jewish friend. Garrr frustration. Boys.

Jews+puppies+ice cream+singing=love

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